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Travel Unwrapped is proud to present its flagship product, DNA Unwrapped™: the most personal and unique journey in travel. By following your DNA origins you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to discover your roots. Visit breath taking destinations and uncover authentic cultural experiences as you follow your DNA traces.

It all begins by taking a DNA kit to test your ancestral origins, once you have your results your personalised journey will be designed with the help of our team of dedicated destination and cultural experts.

Your DNA Journey

DNA Unwrapped™ will take you on a trip of a lifetime that will give you a chance to discover your roots and spread your wings. Uncovering our DNA origins provides us with the most intimate and personal map and the DNA journey will give you the opportunity to meet the people and immerse yourself in the cultures of the places you are from. DNA Unwrapped™ is your opportunity to learn about yourself by learning more about others, becoming a true global citizen.

A team of passionate and dedicated travel experts will be in charge of your itinerary creation. Together with the guidance of our consultants and together with your input, we will shape together your perfect personalised journey. We believe in giving to, not taking from, the places we visit, by discovering other cultures and climates. All accomodations will be selected from our hand-picked portfolio, which stands for style and service, for destination expertise and limitless experiences. We take pride in working in partnership with some of the world’s most passionate and authentic brands, who celebrate the cultures and destinations they represent them.

We are as diverse as individuals as the world around us. Begin your DNA adventure today.


Your DNA Journey


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