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At Travel Unwrapped we believe that travel is about more than just a holiday. As the cultural travel specialists we believe...


• In designing journeys with a personal touch •

• That travel holds limitless experiences •

• In going to places we’ve never been and returning to places we love •

• That travel has a cultural imperative for us all •

• That seeing the world can change the world •


Our flagship product DNA Unwrapped™ fully embraces this philosophy. DNA Unwrapped is the most personal journey in travel that will allow you to explore the lands and places you come from, giving you the chance of seeing different cultures and places under a completely new light and point of view.

At Travel Unwrapped we understand and foster the power of travel and want to promote the cultural importance it possesses: we firmly believe that only by seeing the world can we change the world. We pride ourselves on creating authentic, cultural experiences for our travellers, in the belief that by exploring the world and discovering other cultures we have a more exciting, thought provoking and memorable experience.

CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca Fielding wants to empower people around the world to experience different cultures, to break down boundaries and realise her belief that travel is the greatest threat to prejudice. She created Travel Unwrapped to give travellers the opportunity to see the world, and change it, to support the cultural imperative

The Travel Unwrapped Travel Guides offer a glimpse of how we see the worlds most beautiful cities, taking our travellers away from the life of a tourist to truely discover the places we visit. Off the beaten track isn't just a phrase at Travel Unwrapped, its a travel philosophy.

Our blog is filled with the contributions of our travel writers, experts in immersive travel and experiencing local cultures around the world. It is a treasure trove of discovery and travel moments to inspire you to Travel Unwrapped.


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