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 Discover an Unrivelled Blend of Culture & Luxury


Welcome to Travel Unwrapped Group. Through our brands DNA Unwrapped and TÜ  ELITE we create journeys which are personal, unique and authentic.

We live in an exciting and diverse world full of opportunities for extraordinary experiences. We believe that travel enhances our own lives and connects us to the world in a meaningful and enduring way. By being curious and open minded about ourselves and each other we have the chance to cultivate understanding between cultures. We believe that by replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we open ourselves to infinite possibility. 

We create the most unique travel experiences through our brands.


The Most Personalised Journey in the World

DNA Unwrapped is the new way to travel. The most unique journey you will ever take to discover the world through your ancestral origins. Mapping your geographic origins found in your DNA, we design the most authentic, cultural journeys to visit the places you are from. Connect with the world, take your place in the #MuttClub and become a truely Global Citizen. DNA Unwrapped is the most exciting journey you will take.


The Most Personalised Journeys, Designed Personally.

TÜ  ELITE are the Cultural Travel Experts specializing in bespoke journey planning. Grown from word-of-mouth, our Private Client Culture ensures a reputation of trust and discretion so you can discover new places and return to places you love. With a team of concierge travel experts on hand, our members receive the ultimate in individualized holiday planning.  We take pride in working in partnership with some of the world’s most passionate and authentic brands, who celebrate the cultures and destinations they represent. 

Your memorable journey starts here.



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